There are a few ongoing projects:

  • digital edition of Rabbi Wichnin’s Chumash Questions book;
  • archive documents from the early history of Chabad (including the arrests of the Alter Rebbe in 1798 and 1800);
  • code that generates the above website;
  • paper (HTML, PDF, EPUB) describing ideas (dating from 1991) for the dream environment for working with Jewish texts;
  • companion paper (HTML, PDF, EPUB) on typesetting Jewish texts;
  • code implementing some of those ideas and code for working with specific Jewish texts and for calculating Torah reading/learning schedules;
  • paper (HTML, PDF, EPUB) on Rambam’s Laws of the Sanctification of the Moon; goals of the paper:
    • reconstruct models that Rambam uses and their parameters from the Rambam’s text;
    • identify misprints in the traditional editions;
    • see how Rambam’s calculations of the moon visibility compare to the current models;
  • code implementing Rambam’s calculations with dates, time intervals and angles and related algorithms;
  • code used by other modules for processing metadata and XML; some general utilities;
  • desire to publishing this paper in multiple formats was part of the motivation for writing Gradle DocBook plugin in general and its support for mathematics in DocBook in particular;


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