Moznaim Rambam, KH 13:2f4

(13, 3, 53, 53) - as explanation of the value for 100 days (7 missing seconds)

Moon's mean period from astronomical models

Angular speed of the moon = 360 / (1/tropical month + 1/solar year). Moon.meanLunarPeriod - what is it called? Tropical?

14:5 Moon Longitude Adjustment for Time of Seeing

See notes in Moznaim Rambam Sun longitude: mean or true? In 3rd and 7th lines, most editions incorrectly have 15.

TODO Moznaim Rambam, KH 15:1f2

double elongation = distance between moon's mean and apogee Moon longitude adjustment for double elongation: Moznaim Rambam, KH 15:2f3: discrepancy in the limits; encode the limits


is that what Rambam is saying?

Distance between mean and true new moon

KH 5:1-2 says that the distance is no more than a day. Calculate this difference for all months; Rambam's epoch - two days after molad?! (Petya Ofman).

How to find the day of sighting given a month?

Differences between arithmetic and observational calendars

  • основан не на среднем движении солнца и луны, поэтому к молад надо делать поправку, но не путем отодвигания Рош а-шана, а методами последних глав Кидуш а-ходеш

  • другой порядок високосных и простых лет

  • другой порядок полных и неполных месяцев

  • возможно ли рассчитать по Рамбаму начало месяцев по этим принципам и сравнить с завиксированныму в традиции датами и днями недели?

  • Пример: выход из Египта - 15 день от освящения месяца, четверг

  • Год рождения Моше: спор был ли год високосным или простым. Шита Ребе - год был високосным.


without the '29' case, mean sun longitude for 4938/Iyar/2 is not what Rambam quotes in KH 15:8-9 (see test); see if variations in this algorithms are logical: e.g., for 600, add for 1000 and subtract 4*for 100? see if the end result is stable when Rambam's "real" value is used with straight multiplication and rounding (abstract away the calculation mechaninsm).

TODO Example in 15:8-9

moonAnomalyTrue - printing error in standard editions, 180 instead of 108; still 108°21′46″, which doesn't round to 108°21... moonLongitudeTrueRaw - printing error in standard editions, 33 instead of 35.

TODO Example 17:13-14

"this longitude is in Taurus" - but longitude3 isn't, so I get 1/6 instead of 1/5...

TODO crescent calculations: KH 18-19!