1. It is not clear how did authoritative Yemenite texts acquire the same misprints as in the ashkenazic editions.
2. Reprints the text and does not correct any of the misprints - surprising for a textbook on the subject (even introductory). TODO: Link to the scans of the appropriate pages - with the stuff highlighted.
1. Bamidbar 28:14
2. Shemos 12:2
3. Rosh Hashanah 20b; Menachot 29a
4. Dvarim 16
5. Megilla 5a; Nazir 7a
1. This is part of Law 1.
2. This is part of Law 4.
1. My understanding of the word usage in the original.
3. See Chapter 11, Law 7 on the start of Jewish Zodiac. (TODO reference)
1. This is Law 5.